Great Sports Items – Jeff Gordon and more!!

 scan0194            EVERYTHING IS BEING SOLD!!!! Get you favorite Hendrick Motorsports/Jeff Gordon/Super Shots Sports collectible.
Limited Edition Collectibles Offered for the First Time…
If you have purchased an item from Super Shots, Xpress It or from Sawturn’s store on eBay, you are in for a treat. We are opening the vault and offering some cool, rare and never offered before items. Many Limited Edition items are available for the first time, including some 1 of a kind collectibles of Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt and more. We are adding baseball, football and other sport items weekly and even have a rare Rolex Watch from Upper Deck.

You can purchase or bid on the items by Going To eBay

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Here are pictures of some of the great items. Visit the Store for all the items.

Silver Set Inserts

Silver Set Autographs

Banner Set inserts

Jeff Gordon First Day Cover
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Super Shots Sports Jeff Gordon Hendrick Motorsports 100th Win Products


So many sets

What was made?

  • 100 Gold Foil sets – 20 card set featuring golf foil highlight, Jeff Gordon tire card, Jeff Gordon/Terry Labonte Hat card, autographs cards from Jeff Gordon, Rick Hendrick and an autograph from Terry Labonte, Darrell Waltrip, Ricky Rudd, Ken Schrader, Geoff Bodine, Jerry Nadeau and Tim Richmond (facsimile), 100th win 1/64 die cast, awesome wooden display box.  All sold to Hendrick Motorsports.
  • 500 Silver Foil Sets – 20 card set featuring silver foil highlight, Jeff Gordon Tire Card, Jeff Gordon and Terry Labonte Banner card, Team Banner Card (with piece of 100th win banner from victory lane), plus 1 random autograph from living drivers listed above.  Available to public and from Super Shots. 
  •  575 Silver Error sets – same as the basic silver set, but card #13 has a misprint on the front of the card and the set was inadvertantly numbered to 575.  No inserts or autographs with these sets.   
  • Tire Box Sets – 20 card set with Jeff Gordon tire card, each card numbered to 2001.  2001 boxes made.
  • Banner Sets – 20 card set and a random banner card featuring one of the 8 winning drivers, each banner card numbered to 775.  6200 boxes made.
  • Oversize (5″x7″) Gold and Silver Jeff Gordon tire cards – each numbered to 2001.

and finally…..

Artist and Printer’s Proof cards and sheets.
  • 50 Gold Artist Proof sets – same as the Gold set, hand numbered to 50. Given to drivers and key business partners.
  • 24 Silver Artist Proof Sets – same as Silver set above, hand numbered to 24.  Sets 1 and 24 contained an autograph from all 7 living drivers.
  • 24 banner/tire Artist Proof sets.  Each driver’s banner card and the Jeff Gordon regular tire card, each hand numbered to 24.
Printer’s Proof cards
  • A maximum of 20 printer’s proof cards of everything printed, Gold sets, Silver set, autograph cards, insert cards, etc.  This includes a silver Tim Richmond facsimile signature card (which was never available as a regular release), fronts of some signature cards only available in the Gold sets and gold foil error #13 card. Gold cards 19 and 20 were miscut during the proof process.  The silver version only had 10 cards.
And finally, finally:
  • There was a Publishers Proof set made for the owners of the company.  5-7 of each card were designated as Publisher’s Proofs).

Hope this helps explain the sets, proofs and inserts.

These cards are beautiful….enjoy.

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Other Trading Cards

Super Shots also made cards of Mark Martin, John Andretti and Matt Kenseth.

The Kenseth cards included 250 tire and fingerprint cards (containing an actual fingerprint from Matt)

These cards and proofs of each (25 Artist proofs and 6-20 printer prrofs have been released.

Look for them on eBay


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Jeff Gordon on eBay



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Jeff Gordon Rare Collectibles First Day Covers – Only 430 available

Get one before they are gone.  Makes a great gift.

 24 gold env

24 gold env close24 gold env

These are first day covers of Jeff Gordon.
This is a Gold version that has never been available before; Each envelope is numbered to 430.   

The first ever custom NASCAR postage (Dale Earnhardt #3 car) was first issued and cancelled in Welcome, NC and Philadelphia, PA on September 5, 2006.  The Philadelphia covers were hand cancelled at the Ben Frankin Post Office, regarded by most as the first post office in the United States. 

The Jeff Gordon postage was issued on September 7, 2006 – 2 days later.

This is real US postage – not from some island…

Don’t miss out on this historic offerering.  And besides, they look awesome!!!!

I added pictures so you can see the gold foil – looks black when scanned, but these are stunning!!!

The one in the picture has been handled – the one you will receive has never been out of the box.

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Dale Earnhardt Rare Collectibles First Day Covers – only 300 Available

Well, here they are – the first time these have ever been available.

These are Gold version First Day Covers of Custom Postage featuring the famous #3 car of Dale Earnhardt.

de goldfoil

 3 gold env




These stamps and envelopes were issued on September 5, 2006 in Welcome, NC and Philadelphia, PA.  The black foil version has been available since 2006.  This is the first time the gold version has been available.  Very nice historic event cover for any Earnhardt fans or first day cover collectors.

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Jeff Gordon Collectibles on eBay

24 gold env


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